As per the article on most popular cosmetic surgeries from Atlanta Plastic Surgery here is the top most well-known corrective surgeries performed for men

Liposuction in Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Liposuction, which includes eliminating fat from the body, is turning out to be better known among men. In 2009, 11 percent of patients getting the medical procedure were men. Specialists embed an instrument under the skin, separating fat and vacuuming it out to dispose of undesirable fat in patients with stable body weight. The methodology isn’t planned to treat weight, however it can have extremely durable constructive outcomes on the state of the body.

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Gynecomastia or Breast Reduction in Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Bosom decrease to kill gynecomastia is turning out to be better known, with 5% more men having the methodology done in 2012 contrasted with 2011. The medical procedure eliminates nearby fat, organs or a blend to dispense with indications of gynecomastia. Since it is a short term method, men don’t need to stress over the bother of ongoing medical procedure.

Eyelid Surgery in Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Additionally called blepharoplasty, eyelid medical procedure was performed on 31,000 men in 2009. The eyelids, particularly the upper tops, are inclined to giving indications of maturing before different pieces of the face. By eliminating abundance skin, eliminating and repositioning fat and dispensing with parts of muscle, specialists can kill greasy stores, fix hanging eyelids and ease up dark circles under the eyes.


Gynecomastia medical procedure or male bosom decrease a medical procedure is quite possibly the most well-known corrective techniques in man without fail. This is somewhat in light of the fact that main men get it. Gynecomastia is the clinical term for developed or womanly bosoms in men and medical procedure ordinarily includes evacuation of joint tissue with liposuction to form the region.

HAIR TRANSPLANT in Atlanta Plastic Surgery

As per the American Hair Loss Association, “Hair transfers are turning out to be unimaginably well known,” with around 66% of men: encountering going bald before the age of 35. By age of 50, this number increments to 85%. The principle offender is androgenetic alopecia. (Regularly known as male example hair loss) and, as the name recommends, it is quite possibly the most well-known issue looked by men.

It’s justifiable that hair transfers are quite possibly the most famous corrective strategies among man, yet one reason an ever increasing number of men are falling back on it these days is on the grounds that there are progressed procedures that permit them to work better. What’s more abandons not many follows. “Previously, the benefactor site was reached on the double and different gatherings of hair were relocated at the same time.” This prior approach to doing things we call “hair fittings” and it wasn’t extremely tasteful.

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Nose Reshaping in Atlanta Plastic Surgery

In 2009, men made up around 26% of all rhinoplasty medical procedures acted in the United States. This methodology can deal with numerous deformations influencing the nose, including over the top width or length, slantedness, angled nose, bulbous tip and erupting nostrils. Albeit the thicker skin moved by men can be more challenging to shape than that of ladies, experienced specialists are frequently fruitful at giving male patients the outcomes they need.

5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men