It is also designed to lower into the ground at the same time as no longer in use, allowing cars to skip over. But what else do you need to understand about this inventive product?

What are the advantages of a telescopic protection bollard?

They keep humans and places secure

With terrorism persevering with to offer a big hazard inside the UK, keeping people and locations at ease is vital. This is specially right as there has been a upward thrust in terrorist assaults the use of cars, with many incidents designed to mow down pedestrians.

Crash examined telescopic protection bollards are extraordinarily sturdy and have been designed to endure up in opposition to the force of a automobile bollards for driveway impact. Indeed, crash rated telescopic bollards are a number of the maximum dependable bollards in our variety, having PAS sixty eight, IWA-14 and antagonistic automobile mitigation examined to face up to the pressure of 7.Five-tonne impact. As such, they’re able to prevent horrific drivers from carrying out such assaults.

What’s extra, due to the fact they retract at the same time as no longer in use, our public areas stay useable for specific automobiles whilst critical.

Find out extra about how crash-examined bollards are assisting to prevent terrorism.

They assist with traffic manage

Telescopic security bollards can be used to calm and manipulate visitors. For example, bollards may be used to govern access to pedestrianised streets, parks and distinctive areas – even as nonetheless giving delivery/protection trucks get right of entry to whilst required.

They save you humans stealing parking areas

Organisations and home developments often use retractable telescopic protection bollards to ensure that unauthorised drivers don’t take car parking areas they’re now not entitled to.

They offer a safe and accessible solution

Because telescopic safety bollards are completely retractable, they don’t gift an obstruction or journey-risk while now not in use. This may be a large gain in regions with pedestrian get right of entry to.

How does a telescopic security bollard paintings?

There are many first-rate styles of telescopic security bollards. And we’d be satisfied to talk via the pleasant desire for you and your desires. But, for the most element, telescopic safety bollards are installation fantastically deep underground. This offers them the required strength to face up to a vehicle crashing into them.

Telescopic safety bollards lock into area when raised, both manual or robotically. They moreover retract actually underground at the same time as no longer in use, leaving a easy and flush to the floor finish.

Common locations to install telescopic bollards

There are an expansion of diverse places that use telescopic security bollards to control web page visitors. Three of the maximum not unusual are:

Delivery bays. For an organisation to feature correctly, transport automobiles mustn’t be confined. Telescopic protection bollards offer the best answer – especially in pedestrianised regions

Towns & cities. More and extra councils are having to put in force anti-terror measures to preserve busy spaces at ease. Telescopic safety bollards are playing a vital position in phrases of ensuring pedestrian protection

Parking areas. Having people park on your driveway or work parking place is a actual pain. Telescopic protection bollards make certain that your allocated parking spots are quality utilized by the people you offer get entry to to.

Fitting a telescopic put up

Telescopic bollards are suitable for max floor sorts, however you do want the proper gear and knowledge to install them correctly. As such, we’d strongly suggest which you make sure your telescopic safety bollards are geared up by using a expert.

Do all protection bollards look the same?

Absolutely no longer! Telescopic bollards are to be had a wide form of patterns, substances, finishes and colorations. So, you may meet your visitors demanding situations with out diminishing the appearance and revel in of the spaces you want to protect.  What’s more, at Macs, our telescopic protection bollards consist of:

Bollard cylinder colour matching to combination in collectively with your branding and surroundings

Integrated flashing lights and audible sounders for delivered visibility and safety

Why pick out Macs telescopic safety bollards?

With obligations round the United Kingdom, which consist of the deliver of telescopic safety bollards for residential and enterprise premises, local authority pedestrian areas, urban regeneration initiatives and adverse vehicle mitigation schemes, we’ve a device to fit your wishes. Whatever they’ll be.

Our telescopic range gives you complete manage over your bollard protection. And, we have got one of the quickest turnaround instances within the organisation manner to our pre-set up assessment.

When it entails telescopic boundaries, each and every product is examined very well earlier than leaving our warehouse to make sure handiest operation. And, once delivered, our knowledgeable and experienced engineers will deploy your new telescopic safety bollards with the minimal of disturbance to the surrounding location.

A telescopic protection bollard is a retractable bollard that locks into role even as wanted