Stephen Varanko III Talks About The Factors That Make Hiring Military Veterans A Good Idea

Americans do a lot of show appreciation to veterans, as they return home after active service. However, even though military veterans are highly well-respected in society, not many employers are open to hiring them because of certain misconceptions. Stephen Varanko III says that there are several employers who believe that the skills that veterans have are not transferable outside of the military world. But so is not the case. Stephen himself tries to connect military veterans with premier employers across the country. He works at Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), which is the largest military-focused recruiting firm in the United States.  His years as a recruiting manager has made Stephen well-acquainted with the value a military veteran can add to a business

All companies look for employees who are motivated, hard-working, and ethical.  According to Stephen Varanko III, military veterans are among the few people who have proven to have all these qualities. Moreover, they also are disciplined team players, which is a crucial quality to have in the contemporary, collaborative business environment. Most military veterans today are college educated, have served under strenuous circumstances, and have the experience to make optimal use of resources available. These qualities make them perfectly fitted for just about any business environment.

Here are some of the key advantages of hiring military veterans as underlined by Stephen Varanko III:

  • Accelerated learning curve: Getting into the military is no easy task. People need to master a range of skills to be considered eligible for service. As a result, veterans invariably have the proven ability to competently learn new concepts and skills with ease. Moreover, they can enter a workforce while being equipped with identifiable and transferable skills that can boost the productivity of the company to a great extent.
  • Leadership: The military is renowned for training people to lead by the example, as well as through motivation, delegation, inspiration, and direction. Due to this, military veterans tend to have a good understanding of the practical and proven ways to manage the behaviors of others in the most trying times. They also are well-aware of the dynamics of leadership as a part of both peer and hierarchical structures.
  • Teamwork: Owing to their experience, veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of responsibility to one’s colleagues. Military duties involve a blend of both group and individual activities, and necessitate a perception of how groups of varying sizes related to each other to achieve a particular goal. The teamwork and collaboration skills involved in these activities are vital to the modern business environment.
  • Diversity and inclusion in action: Military veterans learn how to work alongside people from varying backgrounds, economic statuses, geographic origins, as well as mental, physical, and attitudinal capabilities. As modern companies leverage the effects of globalization and spread their boundaries, this open-minded working nature of military veterans can come as a huge advantage.

No matter the industry a company belongs to, a military veteran shall surely be able to add value to their workforce.

Anouk Govil – Dangers and Hazards of Kayaking

Kayaking is adventurous; however, you must be aware of some signs of danger to stay safe. It would be best if you educated yourself to detect them at an early stage to avoid mishaps or, even worse, a grave accident.

Anouk Govil – What are these danger signs?

Anouk Govil is a sports enthusiast and junior scientist pursuing Biology Majors. She is passionate about open mic and resides in Venture, CA, in the USA. She says that you should be aware of the following signs of hazard and danger when you are in a kayak-

  1. Waterways that are inappropriate for your skill levels- Never venture into a watercourse that is not suited to your kayaking skill levels. If you have the skill level but lack the equipment to tackle it, the waterway must be avoided at all costs. To prevent venturing into a watercourse that is inappropriate for you, ensure you undertake adequate research on specific parameters like the temperature of the water and the air. You should consult the locals of the area and ask them about tides and currents so that you are aware of them as well.
  2. Rapids- This refers to water that flows over any obstruction that later will lead to turbulence. This turbulence is created by the presence of boulders that are under the surface.
  3. Potholes, also known as undercuts- They are kayaking hazards that are submerged under the water. They generally do not affect the passage that lies overhead; however, they can be a trap for any kayak that has capsized under the riverbank’s edge. They can also entrap the person against rocks too.
  4. Paddling on your own- Now, this safety tip might not go down too well with experienced kayakers. However, if you are a beginner, it is not wise to paddle alone and venture into unfamiliar territory. The winds, as well as the current, can transform the waters into danger at any time. Moreover, in such a situation, you need to make prompt- decisions and so being proactive and staying calm is the key when you are paddling along in unknown territory.
  5. Not knowing any self-rescue techniques- It is prudent or rather mandatory for every kayaker to be aware of self-rescue techniques. There are many methods for you to learn, and you should know when it comes to the use of paddle floats that give you the requisite stability you need at that time. Moreover, it would be best if you know the difference between identifying signs of danger and the ability to survive when in the face of it.

Anouk Govil sums up by saying that you must ensure that you learn the necessary survival skills from a good and experienced kayaker if you are serious about kayaking. It takes years of you to learn and practice to be perfect at it. However, safety always comes first, so keep in mind the above danger signs before venturing out onto the waters and stay safe!

Enjoy Intense Exercise Sessions with a Hot Yoga Room At Home

You will find that it boosts your body’s balance, strength, and flexibility when it comes to yoga. It is an excellent means to counter stress and relax the mind. Daily yoga helps you to sleep better and improves the health of your heart.


Get your hot yoga room at home.

If you are fond of doing yoga asanas in a studio, you will find many yoga practice versions. One of them is hot yoga- famous for improving flexibility and health. It gives you all the advantages of an intense workout great for the mind and body.

With the ongoing Pandemic, many yoga studios are still closed due to regulations regarding social distancing to curb the virus from spreading. They have taken to online sessions. Those people who used to take hot yoga sessions miss the intense workout’s pleasures in a heated, regulated environment. They do not enjoy the sessions at home and yearn for the experience of yoga sessions they enjoyed in the past.

Get a hot yoga dome for your home

There is good news for such people now, as some credible companies have launched a popular product called the hot yoga dome. This dome allows you to have a hot yoga room at home. The dome is a product that can be inflated and deflated as per your use. It just needs some space in your home, and this could be a basement, a garage, a backyard, etc.

Salient traits of the hot yoga dome

When it comes to buying the hot yoga dome, you will find they are available in multiple sizes. It is portable in size, and your immersive yoga studio can pop up in just a few minutes. This dome has been designed and created in such a way that gives you a soothing, calm, and cocoon type space that locks in the heat to give you an intense and refreshing yoga session.

You can get –

  • The advantages of hot yoga at home and carry your dome when traveling
  • Choose private yoga sessions anywhere at anytime
  • Practice hot yoga during festivals
  • If you are the owner of a yoga studio, you can buy branded domes for it.

It is simple for you to inflate the hot yoga dome.  You need to plug in the inflation fan and keep it on at a high level. The dome takes about 60 seconds to inflate completeLY. When it is completely inflated, you need to add in the heat. This fan stays low the whole time when you are doing your yoga sessions inside it.

Once you have completed your yoga sessions, you need to deflate your dome. The inflation fan should be unplugged, and it will completely deflate in about 5 minutes. Once it is deflated, you need to pack it away safely in your home till its next use.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that you can get your very own hot yoga room at home and practice yoga anywhere and anytime you want. The yoga dome is convenient, cost-effective, and, most importantly, an effective tool to keep you healthy for a happy life.


Growing old Gracefully – The best way to Pick the Proper Makeup For Getting older Pores and skin

There is not any fountain of youth and In fact there actually isn’t any real anti-growing old agent or course of action that will probably continue to keep the palms on the clock from continuing to take It is really toll on us. Females In particular see enormous alterations within their pores and skin since they grow older. It is going to develop into extra fragile plus a ton thinner than after they were being youthful and it tends to dry much easier, discolor, wrinkles and lines form and pores and skin irritations occur a good deal simpler. This can be challenging for any great deal of girls to manage and sometimes just can’t be corrected. You can nevertheless, age much more gracefully with Choosing the right make-up to your growing old skin.

One of the first thing you have to do find the correct make-up for the skin is to be familiar with what kind of skin that you’ve Makeup for Dark Skin  got. You would like to determine no matter if it’s dry, or if It truly is oily or maybe a combination of both equally dry and oily.When you have determined what precisely type of pores and skin you’ve you will need to incorporate this into your equation when you start building the selections for your personal makeup and skin treatment products. When you select the correct product for the skin sort it’s going to generate a planet of difference in how the make-up goes on and just just how long it may last also.

You ought to be in search of make-up that is light-weight and states which kind of skin sort that it really works greatest on. It is most likely a good suggestion if you can go somewhere that will assist you to try out samples on the make-up before you really purchase the products. They are really pricey however, you certain don’t need being stuck with something that is not gonna get the job done for you and your pores and skin.You’ll want to constantly incorporate some sort of moisturizer an extended with the makeup. Although the skin is not the dry kind you continue to must utilize some sort of moisturizer underneath what ever makeup you choose on buying. This may basically keep your makeup from clogging the pores of your skin.

Incorporate an anti-getting old concealer as well as your make-up way too. This can check out and conceal flaws in addition to any dim circles there may very well be under your eyes. Make sure whenever you select 1 that it is a lighter shade than that of of one’s purely natural skin shade.You then should choose an anti-growing older sort of make-up foundation you can get as near as possible to the particular colour of your very own pores and skin. You need to also think about the quantities of strains and wrinkles you’ve that the muse is going to must be lighter. You need the muse to Mix in and not just sit in addition to the pores and skin. You must stay away from making use of any kind of spray foundation or foundation mouse. You really don’t need to put the foundation throughout your face, just exactly where it is necessary so This is exactly why it’s so critical that it matches the skin tone.

After you have the muse you must obtain some sort of blush that is as near to your skin coloration when you’re essentially blushing. Powder blushes are certainly not virtually nearly as good for getting old pores and skin as are classified as the stains and product blushes. Under no circumstances Mix your blush into your hairline. You’ll want to put the blush on to the apples of the cheeks and maybe just a bit outside of that, but, nothing extra.When in search of eyeshadow it is never a smart idea to get eye shadow that matches the colour of one’s eyes, rather you have to discover colours that can accent or enhance the colour within your eyes. You should not use any shadows which might be glittery, that style of shadow just isn’t great for skin that is growing older. Tend not to place the shadow all up in your brow, which was Alright for once you have been youthful but won’t glimpse as good given that the eyes are starting to age. You could having said that use a darker color near the eye lashes and afterwards just above that put a lighter colour. You should also Make certain that You do not put as much eye shadow on as you probably did 10 a long time in the past.