The islands of the Caribbean consist of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the surrounding coasts. It is found in southeastern North America, eastern Central America, and northwestern South America. That was the geographic location of the Caribbean islands.
The area of ​​the Caribbean Sea location de villas dans la caraibe consists of more than 7000 islands with numerous reefs and islets. It is found mainly on the Caribbean Plate. What we call the West Indies is actually a collection of islands. It consists of the Antilles, which in turn is differentiated into three parts: the Greater Antilles to the north, the Lesser Antilles to the south and east, and the Leeward Antilles. Other islands are the Bahamas to the northeast and Bermuda further north in the Atlantic Ocean.
In geopolitical terms, the West Indies is the “subregion” of North America and consists of 28 territories. These territories include sovereign states, overseas departments, and dependencies. In the past, it was a county called the Federation of the West Indies with about ten English-speaking Caribbean nations.
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