Michael Saltzstein Discusses The Role of a Marketing Manager

Advertising and marketing are among the fastest growing industries in the modern world. The two are closely related, with advertising often being seen as one part of marketing, which has a larger scope, as per Michael Saltzstein. Michael himself has been associated with the domain of marketing for quite some time. He has taken various executive roles in the span of his career in Marketing, right from Global Marketing Manager to Vice President of Marketing. He especially mentions that marketing managers are a vital part of any modern commercial organization. They are especially skilled and qualified who assist enterprises to meet their sales objectives.

Marketing managers are basically proficient in conducting research, identifying the ideal customer segment, establishing pricing strategies and product demand, and also determining the best methods to reach the prospective consumers. Michael Saltzstein mentions that these professionals also may participate in developing advertising campaigns and package design, and play a key role in choosing the relevant media outlets to promote the products of a company. Marketing managers also have a hand in building the awareness of a brand through diverse promotional techniques. Due to their extensive number of responsibilities, marketing managers are employed throughout numerous industries.

According to Michael Saltzstein, the highlights of the job of a marketing manager include:

  • Marketing strategy: To ensure optimal revenue opportunities of a company, its customers have to be thoroughly evaluated and targeted with the help of strategic decisions made as per their requirements and desires.  A marketing manager usually is responsible for creating marketing strategies that play a major role in defining the profits and growth of a business.
  • Organizational management and leadership: Marketing goes beyond the sphere of advertising and sales, and has certain management functions as well. Marketing managers are required to act as leaders, and both design and run programs that enable companies to meet their core objective of maximum profits.
  • Implementation and planning: Marketing managers have to create strategies carefully as per the company market, goals and budget, and implement them while taking into account the 4 Ps’ of marketing, which are pricing, products, place and people.

Marketing managers usually have to control all of the communication that takes place between a company and its customers. They tend to manage various internal teams for the purpose of developing promotional messages, and usually, work on publishing media across multiple channels. Marketing managers have to work with many different forms of media in the modern world, right from more traditional newspapers and billboards to digital advertising and social platforms. They can specialize in one of these channels or manage all of them, depending on the type or the size of the organization they belong to.  To effectively do their job, marketing managers need to have outgoing, gregarious, and spontaneous personalities. In addition to these traits, they also have to be highly focused, detail-oriented, and extremely conscientious of meeting budget restraints and timelines.