Online Betting Options Up To Six States

With the NFL season now in its third week, American sports betting is up. There’s a lot of overlap between poker players and sports bettors, and, for a good reason, as both activities have a lot in keeping:


  • They’re fun.
  • They’re beatable.
  • They’re popular in the US.


Now, depending on where your home is, they’re legal online.


If you’re hoping to produce a few bucks on your gridiron predictions this fall, here is a quick rundown of the states offering online legal sports แทงบอลออนไลน์.


New Jersey sports betting.


New Jersey has, needless to say, has been the first adopter of online gambling. Also, it is the instigator of the lawsuit that eventually generated the US Supreme Court overturning PASPA, which caused it to be possible for the states to decide if allowing sports betting. As a result, it also has got the widest array of operators currently offering online betting.


Nevada sports betting


Ahead of the repeal of PAPSA, Nevada was the only real state where sports betting was legal but, until recently, bets had to happen in person. Online options exist in the state now but certainly are a bit limited compared to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bettors must register in person before they can bet online.


Caesars and William Hill offer online options in Nevada, alongside several other local casinos. However, you won’t find the likes of DraftKings, FanDuel, or Fox Bet there for the time being.


West Virginia sports betting.


Though sparsely populated compared to some of the other online sports betting states, West Virginia was an early adopter, the first after New Jersey and Nevada.


As a result, its citizens have several solutions, namely DraftKings and FanDuel. Though both these companies are known predominantly for their daily fantasy sports offerings, their sportsbooks in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia offer a full slate of conventional sports betting options.


Iowa sports betting


Iowa is a newcomer to sports betting, with legislation having passed in May. The initial operators, William Hill and Elite Sportsbook having gone live last month.


If your home is in Iowa and you want to place bets, you’ve to visit a casino to sign up. That state of affairs is anticipated to last until January 2021, after which its online sign-up could become available per the state’s laws.


Rhode Island sports betting.


Rhode Island is the latest state to have online sports betting option, but as could be the case for in-person betting, that is only through the state lottery. Here too, in-person registration is required, after which state residents can place bets online through the state’s site and app.


Oregon sports betting


Like Rhode Island, Oregon plans to provide online sports betting through its state lottery. It’d initially targeted to go live in early September but announced at the end of August, so it would not meet this date. It would appear that further testing of its online product is required to make sure that everything is working properly.