Reddy Kancharla Talks About The Job Roles a Civil Engineering Graduate Can Explore

Civil engineering is among the oldest branches of engineering, which dates back to the time when people first started to shape the environment as per their requirements and began to live in permanent settlements.  Reddy Kancharla mentions that right from the design and construction for a simple house to the development of dams, bridges, and roads, all of it comes under the domain of civil engineering. Mr. Kancharla himself is a civil engineer. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India. After that, he went on to complete his Masters of Science program in Civil Engineering at Texas Tech University.

Broadly speaking, civil engineers are the ones who have a major hand in the infrastructure and the general look of a city.  Reddy Kancharla mentions that these professionals have great inputs in a variety of constructions that together make a city, no matter whether it is its roadways and bridges or the discerning residential and commercial buildings.  Mr. Kancharla himself has worked on several important establishments in major cities like New York, including the USTA National Tennis Center, Yankee Stadium, and Giants/Jets Stadium present there. He mentions that there are many opportunities for employment and career growth available for civil engineers in large cities like New York.

The landscape of civil engineering is extremely interesting. There are diverse types of career options one may choose to explore after completing their civil engineering degree, based on their passion and interests.

Here are a few of the most popular career options in civil engineering according to Reddy Kancharla:

  • Construction manager: These professionals are basically the bosses of the construction sites. Construction managers have to eyes and ears of their employers at a construction site, and have to see to it that the work goes on smoothly. In addition to the civil engineering knowledge, these professionals must also have a good level of insight on the aspects of team and time management, as well as budgeting.
  • Geotechnical engineer: These professionals have to be on the lookout of everything related to nature in a construction project.  They must know how to manage waste disposal, flood control, where and when to build a bridge or a dam, and so on. Geotechnical engineers have a major role to play in shaping the infrastructure of a city.
  • Environmental engineer: The duties of these professionals are becoming more crucial with every passing day. They basically are responsible for restoring the landscape, as well as creating healthy indoor and outdoor environments. Environmental engineers focus on making sure that construction projects do not harm nature, and are developed in the most sustainable manner possible.

In addition to the career options mentioned above, the role of an urban planning engineer is also quite popular. These professionals work in the private sector, and have major inputs in shaping the neighborhoods of a city. Basically, these are the people who can decide where a road should be, how to circle a park with a fence, where to build a bridge, and so on.