Choosing the wedding ring of your dreams is as just as important as the day itself. After all you will be wearing your Eheringe wedding rings for the rest of your lives together – so it must be something you love and will last a long time. It also needs to be practical and within your budget. Here’s a five minute guide to the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to shopping for your wedding rings.

Do shop around together. It’s important that you both get rings you love. Perhaps, rather than planning on having matching rings, just browse to get a better idea of what you both want.

Don’t leave the shopping for rings for your wedding just to one of you or last minute, otherwise you may end up with rings that just don’t feel like you. It’s important that the ring feels right to you both, personally and as a couple. Leaving enough time to browse will enable you to look at a bigger variety of rings, helping you to inform your ring choice.

Do be thrifty and keep within a budget. It’s always a good idea to have a reasonable budget for wedding/engagement rings and to not go beyond your price limit.

Don’t take out loans to cover wedding ring costs. You don’t want to spend the beginning of your married life together in debt. Debt can put serious strain on a relationship, so take this in mind when planning a wedding.

Do think about all your wedding ring options. Don’t just browse the shops in town; consider buying online from wholesaler jewellers or designing your own jewellery online or at a workshop. With wedding or engagement ring shopping, you are not limited to just the shops.

Don’t forget to get the correct measurements of your finger. Ideal conditions are normal dry temperatures. In colder or hotter conditions your fingers will swell affecting the size of your finger. Also if you intend to lose weight before your big day, it may be better to purchase the ring closer to the date when you are down to the weight you want to be. Getting the ring size correct is crucial wherever you do decide to buy your wedding/engagement ring from.

Do leave plenty of time before the wedding for wedding ring alterations. Losing or putting on weight can be one of many issues that can change your ring size, so keep in mind that if you intend to alter your weight, you may need to set aside time to make alterations to the ring.

Don’t forget to set aside money within your budget for such things as last minute alterations. Try to spend under budget wherever you can and use that money in case of emergency alterations.

The Do’s And Don’ts When Buying A Wedding Ring