Dubai is an expatriate-friendly emirate with strong jobs and business prospects. It also has a stunning environment and absolutely spectacular attractions, the types of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world. New revisions to the legislation have also led to some exciting changes for expats.

Speed up your search for villas for sale in Dubai, but first, make sure you consider the following factors;

Why should you move to Dubai with your family?

Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE provide a comfortable and secure lifestyle with a plethora of accommodation choices to accommodate all monthly income levels. Arabic is the official language of the region, but it is commonly spoken in English. Indeed, informed figures comfortably expect that as much as 99 per cent of the population is well versed in the language.

Unquestionably, no income tax is one of the greatest advantages of living in Dubai. You’re getting 100% of the money you’ve earned. You’ve earned it, and you keep it, that’s how it operates.

Dubai’s infrastructure is on track with other major cities in the developed world with adequate transportation options.

Sort out your paperwork and visa

Before you decide to move to Dubai with your family, it is vital to initially figure out the paperwork. A good initial strategy is to apply for a work permit in Dubai, as indicated in the useful Dubai Visa Guide. You may need some of the visas when you move to Dubai:

  • Visa/work permit/residency: a visa that your employer organises to enable you to enter the country where a work permit is obtained.
  • Dependent Visa: a visa for people whose spouses or parents are already residents of Dubai.
  • Student Visa: Visa for students wishing to study at Dubai universities.
  • Investor Visa: Visa for expats investing in UAE companies.

Typically, the employer (sponsor) takes part in preparation for a work permit and the method for applying for a work permit. However, you will need a medical test, certified educational certificates, recent photographs, and duplicates of your passport (which should have at least six months of validity).

What is the job market like?

The next section in the guide to shifting to Dubai with your family is the work market. Dubai is one of the speediest economies in the world with persistent demand for skilled labour.

As Dubai is a commercial and trade centre, many start-ups choose to invest here because of a business-friendly economy. Private and government employment for expatriates in the UAE is a feasible choice.

Cost of living in Dubai

When deciding to relocate with your family to Dubai, remember the cost of living in the area. The cost of life in Dubai based on a range of variables, such as accommodation, electricity, public transport, health care, education and other such costs.

Healthcare in Dubai

Considering the future cost of health care is supercritical when heading to Dubai with the family. Health care in Dubai is compulsory. Most businesses offer health care, but some don’t.

Keep in contact with some of the leading health insurance providers in Dubai to find the best coverage for you and your family. Expats in Dubai are registered for a health card as well.

Schools in Dubai

If you have to shift to Dubai with your children, education is one of the most significant costs. Fortunately, there are excellent schools all over Dubai, many of which are near big residential areas. For those with a small budget, here are some of the cheapest schools in Dubai:

  • The Dubai English Language School in Oud Metha
  • Central School in Al Nahda
  • The Elite English School in Deira
  • Crescent English High School
  • H Shaikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School Dubai in Al Qusais

Fuel cost in Dubai

In addition to a wide variety of public transport choices in Dubai, it could be necessary to have your vehicle for travelling and other reasons. You can rent a car or go to the more permanent alternative of buying your vehicle with a car loan in Dubai.

Housing in Dubai

Before you migrate to Dubai with your family, it’s extremely significant to keep the cost of living in mind, before making any decisions!

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These were some of the most important things that you must consider when planning to move to Dubai with family.

Things to consider before moving to Dubai with family